Friday, May 7, 2010

1st Post in a new city

I probably didn't mention in my previous posts that I was supposed to come to pune. I came here for my summer internship on the day after Maharashtra day and went directly to my PG in paud road which was no less beautiful than warshaw ghetto and the inhabitants reminded me of the latest Martin Scorcese flick 'Shutter Island' !! the only good thing abt the PG is the hammock but then thanks to my roomates and PG mates , i seldom get a chance to take a swing. Ces't la vie. At least on a positive not , my next year at woodstock will be a bliss for me post this PG experience and the 1st thing i'd do after getting back to B'lore is to nominate Priya for the 'best roomie grammy awards"!

Now abt the city: it's a small place surrounded by hills ..Even the so called grown up people here has miraculously retained their biggest childhood virtue namely curiousness ... Thus sinse I've landed up here, I always found at least 8 pair of eyes(i've 4 roommates, remember?) gauging every action of mine (except inside the water closet, hopefully they've not installed a spycam or something) even if it is as trivial as reading newspaper.

I found the omnipresense of lord Ganesha everywhere to be pretty awe inspiring .. May be it were convenient when Pune was an isolated , mainly army dominated interbun but with the ever expanding population and ever shrinking living space , the inhabitants of this place should have converted their reverense to a God who were less corpulent than Ganesha. It's so damn unfair that when I am paying bloody 2000Rs pm for a cot in a virtually railway waiting hall, some devine entity is not only njoying thousands of residents throughout the city, but also getting paid by lugubrious ammount of 'chillar'.

My office as of now turned out to be a cool place fact that is ,as of now, my most favourite place in pune. A talk with the directer yesterday confirmed what I surmised from the info available in their website... This office has  a typical ENTP personality.. high on ideation and low on implementation.. And I ,eing a 0% completer / implementer , am finding it too be perfectly well suited for me. In one sentense: my project involves evaluating why MSMEs are aversive to take advantage of design implementation and suggest strategies which will  open up the foodgate  of  MSME investment for this company. The staff here are fun loving and cool. With music being played in the PCs throughout the day and my work being mostly involved with reading , I find this place to be more like Landmark than an office... But the soul problem is I dont think i'd get any practical exposure from here... Must find some way out in being buried underneath the pile of bookish knowledge.. It is too early to comment on some of the weird entities I've encountered here. To get updated about them u must wait for my next blog.. And with me having almost no work to do here, that wait wont be a long one :)

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