Monday, May 17, 2010

My Weekend!

Since I've logged into gtalk today at approx 10am, I've been asked a single question by around 20 friends of mine. The question is : " How was your weekend?"

So, this my humble endeavor of articulating my longest weekend ever in the past 1 year;) . My Saturday morning started at 12.30 pm when, after waking up , i felt too exhausted too go outside in search of food and so , in order to deviate my thoughts away from the thought of it, i watched a medley of scenes from my favorite movies. And then I went out at around 6.30 and sat near the bus stop till 10.30 pm and called my old friends (ie , rang them for approximately 23 seconds and intimated them of my lack of balance so that they were obliged to call me back and once they did that , I showed no sign of hanging up the calls before at least an hour. Call me a parsimonious prick but trust me, if you're stuck in an alien parish and you're witnessing ur darling Saturday night getting brutally raped by a monster called depression , that's the best way you can try to save her.

I did some photo shoot with my roommates after coming back. I mean I literally wanted to shoot them but changed my intention in the last moment when one of my room mate's sister came to spend her vacation here. That 19 year old beauty immediately reminded me of my childhood dream of looking like Halle Berry : u know, the tall, dark, handsome kind. She was 5' 9'' , as beautifully mysterious as night itself and had killer legs. Now, don't get me wrong . I don't consider myself a member of the pink club (though i am an ardent supporter of it) but I feel like appreciating beauty when i behold it. Especially in a country such as ours, where dusky is synonymous to disgusting , I strongly believe that singing the eulogy of such beauties is my moral obligation!

Sunday morn was almost same as that of its predecessor , I left my couch at around 5.30 pm and then got up in a bus to swargate with an intention of getting down at swargate but after a telephonic conversation with Nikhil changed my mind and went to a place called saras garden. Sometimes I really feel surprised when i ponder upon the paradigm shift in my psyche post my adolescence. As a kid, I used to hate crowd , even in my early teens I felt like bringing a machine gun and obliterating all those in front of me , whenever I had to stand in a queue in a railway station. I saw the lice in their hair and the plaque in their teeth and almost sympathized with Hitler. But now all these things literally turn me on. I love the vibration of life which overflows in the atmosphere when I go to a place such as the one I had been on yesterday. Saras garden is a temple (I guess so, they were selling flowers, garlands and diyas in the entrance) enclosed by a garden. And immediately outside the entrance, there's this street fair which can be seen in no other place but India, only our country can offer such an attractive synchronization amongst apparently appalling pandemonium. Since I've come to Pune, I've noticed the Puneites' predilection towards fairs. I guess this is a trait of most of the Indian small towns. I am not sure what's the reason . Maybe it is the lack of other means of entertainment or just aversion towards shelling out big bucks for a night out in multiplexes or night clubs. Alternatively the average Indian middle class hoi polloi can probably still not morally accept the night club/ pub culture, not at least as a family destination.

But again, I am deviating from my narrative. I was determined to feel great yesterday and thus I sported a big grin throughout the evening. It's funny how you can bemuse, confuse or even offend people just by projecting an aura of contentment. "How come is she smiling when the world is accelerating towards hell?" : that was the general impression in people's face. Some even looked skeptic : " What wrong with me? Am I wearing the shirt inside out? or else why is she smiling at me?" ! One even approached me with the disgusting blunt question of : " do u wanna be my friend?" I wonder why they use such tacky one liner euphemisms when their intention is completely different but then, even the high profile recruiters do teh same. "Why did you pursue MBA after graduation?" -- " Obviously because otherwise I wont get any job you moron !" ... But you can never say that an you come up with beautiful lies. However, post that crappy question , I burst out into manic laughter and that poor man literally ran for his life being convinced that I've probably absconded from Yerwada( that's where the central prison as well as mental asylum of pune is located in)... ! Finally when I managed to reach that place at around 7, I looked up in the sky and noticed a most amazing sight. A bright star was dating the svelte moon of Akshay Tritia. I called a friend to get confirmed that that star was actually planet Venus and I called my mom who was apparently trying to call me up in the same moment seeing the same celestrial vision. Telepathy? You decide. There was a perfect symphony between the nature and us human beings. I could feel the magic in the air which was waving music out of all the cacophony. And I felt less like the name printed on my passport and more like myself, after a long time I was having a perfect date with the girl who used to be me. And then my phone rang: It was Rajesh . The poor fellow was just out of police station, lodging a complaint about his missing, rather stolen purse which contained his ATM, debit and credit cards and 1500 bucks! I felt bad for him and the entire magical atmosphere which was around me shattered like a glassball and I couldn't create the original structure again from the broken pieces. Thus I took an Auto, went to F C Road, had a scrumptiously sumptuous dinner consisting of CAD B, Chicken Lollypop , Ice Cream and Cold Coffee (honestly I had them all !) and went back to my PG at around 11.

So that's the story of my weekend, now tell me : How was yours ?!

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