Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Shoot..My shirt has got vanished..I washed it some 3 hours ago and now it's not just there..and all my other cloths have been repositioned ...If i use the stupid laundry , they rape the cloths instead of washing them and if i wash it myself , the cloths get vanished b4 getting a chance to get dried up..damn it..should i start wearing iron armours from nw on? Or should i fight against global warming by chucking d idea of clothes altogether ?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1st Saraswati Puja Away from Home

Missing home on the eve of my 1st Swaraswati puja away from home.. missing my old buddies, paaglami, panadal hoping and the sight of tiny kids in basanti saaree and dhuti panjabi... missing the hint of mischief in the eyes of the boys who get their passport to girls' schools only for this day.. missing the sight of lovebirds walking in the street holding hands...missing the smell of different brands of shampoos from long un braided hairs..missing bani niketan, the fine art show and cultural programs..missing the loud music from the para pandal..missing the tiny and svelte terracotta idol of d goddess my mom worships every year...missing the mandatory fights wid my mom for refusing to go for puspanjali... missing irritating her by giving my explanation of Saraswati Vandana.. Missing my dad who'd stealthily sneak into my room to collect a few books for the puja..missing Bondhudadu and the wonderful discussions with him which will inevitably turn into argument followed by absolute misery on my side...missing khichuri and kuler chatni..missing uli pisi..Missing having lunch outside home and then having it again for the 2nd time after coming back...missing the reclusive sucharita and the troubles we had to face to persuade her to come out of her room and join the bandwagon of mass madness..missing the sight of the utter disgust of her face being transformed into contentment .. Missing amrita(sans rudranath) , monami and deedee... Missing the the trill of successfully avoiding unwanted people .. missing the joy of hugging long lost friends.. missing the PNPC .Mising my alma mater, Santragachhi Bhanumoti Girls' School(and to some extend Tarasundari Balika Vidyabhaban),,missing Projapoti and Pum, the only 2 relatives from the 300 year old chakroborty bari who turned into my friends...missing Moumita Aunty , the friend philosopher and guide of my childhood years(but then I always miss her on this day since she ceased to be my teacher from class 8) , Missing those days when we'd celebrate this day as a giant joint family , missing the times Ujan Sangeet Chakra clebrated Puja in our house when chakroborty bari wasn't divided by a concrete wall...

Old memories of the "Bengali's Valentine's Day'  are obscuring the Tax PDFs in front of me.

And strangely enough even though I didn't spend a single saraswati puja wid u, m missing u the most arijita ,,, looking forward to the day we meet again..carpe diem !

Sunday, January 17, 2010


If ET was the friendly alien from far far away then who's the unfriendly vogan who's conspiring to swallow us on day after 2mrw ? IT ... no silly, not information technology... that poor grey ogre doesn't even begin to compare with the monstrosity of the one threatening our joie de vivre ... This alien monster evolves every now and then(which it calls AY) to protect itself from the various fat devices we make to protect ourselves from it...This moster is Income Tax..and we've an Exam on Wednesday.. So, wish me luck!

A tribute to Jyoti Basu, Our CM for 23 years

Redir tele te jyola masal,/
Fresh red paint on the wall, / Dhuti Panjabi, Mao Zedong/ Load Shedding e te Kabul Bong/ Anto swarone tomari nam/ JYOTI BASU nio lal Salaam!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Thoughts Evoked after seeing my Friend's Status Msg in G-talk

I never thought Abhijnan , of all people can write this as his gtalk status msg ... And that's the central doctrine of the expression of our instinct which we call by the farcical euphemism named relationship ... r8?.. Kudos to my friend for throwing out all the gibberish Millls & Boons elements and coming out something as articulate and vivid as that :).

Well, My blog could end r8 there and a Happy ending it would be .. But reader proposes author disposes .. Apparently the message I thought the poem conveyed wasn't the message the poet wanted to convey. After all these years my childhood friend still remains to be a child..How did I find that out? well, after i praised him for this courageous deed , he asked me to read his orkut "about me" poem . And I was nonplussed after finding out that , that poem was a stark opposite of the one posted above.. That poem was infact some sentimental crap of love gained and lost and worse?  he was contemplating eradicating the concept of night completely and when I asked him how come the fates of buttons will be changed if darkness wasn't there , he dismissed me altogether saying I'd misunderstood his status msg.. the conversation which  followed was something like this ----

                   me: kalo na thakle tor sobkota botam ki surjaloke bodle 
                    jabe ?                          

no yaar ,, kalo is a part of life
                   w/o kalo
9:30 PM most of d gr8est things of world wont occur
 Abhijnan: dhurr
  er sate botam elo kotha theke?
 me: tui dhuuur
9:31 PM Abhijnan: keno???????????????
  tuiii dhurr
9:32 PM me: ore kobi..jani tor bondhu ssudhui robi.. kin2 toke hatte hobe aro anek poth...chharte hobe anek chena, badha dhora got
9:33 PM kabir kabyo pore sobai dekhe anyo mane.. kintu sei mane j hay kobi e na jane
9:35 PM Abhijnan: mane?
  me: E anyany tui bol sokha kora jay bordasto? ekatha sunle biswer kobi ratnera hobe trastyo
9:36 PM Abhijnan: ki je bolis tuii janiss!
So, After all none of my friends are showing any sign of growing up anytime soon... And they blame me for having crush on middle aged men.. Boys take abominably, abnormally long time to grow up into men ... So, from aeons, girls in their 20s date men in their late 40s; be it my fair lady ,  Sound of music,  Lost in translation or cheeni kum(well, in this case increase both end by some 20 years). . . After all when they themselves reach their 40s, they can always follow the footsteps of Demi Moore ... If u allocate senior mentors in workplace for new recruits then why not apply the same theorem in so called relationships? After all the things in life ultimately boils down to pure business. So, guys next time u get frustrated of not getting any attention from any of ur  college chicks , turn your attention to your mom's 2nd cousin (who just got through a traumatic divorce ) instead..All d best !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

5th, 6th and early 7th:- To cut a long story super short

5th:-Got totally screwed in both OR and E-Biz tech two presentation,,, then went to staples and Forum for shine's B-day..got a t from adidas and planned to make a personalized quote calender from staples .Then Mangu's B-day celebration on 12 am at 6th followed by watching movies (pulp fiction ..but even such a brilliant pic couldn't keep me awake).. Wok eup at 7 only to fall asleep again and woke up at 11.. couldn't attend NEN meeting at 11.30..Didn't obviously go to college...not even in the 2nd half... Left at around 6.30 for Anand sir's party .. d primary venue sucked biggggggg time so went to paramount and then finally china pearl.. blatantly disregarded my new year diet resolution throughout the day.. now i am getting really scared thinking about the consequences .. Came back by auto like 25th midnight mass .. drew a  card for shine.. collected everyone's signature and celebrated his B'day 12 am 2nite.. cake was awesome and had 4 big slices of it...chocolate cake..ie even more calorie..must make it sure to starve 2mrw.. 1 samosa, 1 egg puff, fuchka, 4 slice of Choco cream cake and Extra large helpings of chinese food consisting of noodles soup, fried rice, noodles, prawn and chicken is way 2 much even for  a week ..anyway, shine's bday was awesome...handa was in a photo clicking mood.. after all was gone we 4 stayed back wid group IB and watched rajesh imitating others .. then came back to D312 only to go downstairs after some time to do chit chat..but  rashi fell asleep... So finally we bade Shine good night and went back to our respective rooms.. and nw i am feeling too tired to even think and type.. but weirdly enough, i am not sleepy.. may be i'll elaborat eall these 2mrw.. must start studying from 2morrow or else i'll surely fail in tri2.. Have some half an hour's lecture from some1 from HP 2morrow... for that we'd have to waste our time and torture ourselves by wearing blazer and going to the college..Don't know what will i do r8 nw.. guess i'll try reading BW .. must read and analyse the pending 4 issues in detail.. man , i am wasting my time , talent as well as my parent's resources...and for that no1 else but i am to be blamed.. may be i should stop preaching like a  self righteous prick and start rectifying myself.. not maybe.. i MUST. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

Eccentricity and E-city

Disturbia is one of the worst time pass movies I've ever checked out.. It's an amalgamation of hackneyed plot of adolescence fantasies and fears  with Hitchcock's masterpiece "rear window" ... I personally thought it was a crime to molest that iconic thriller.. But the effect of tolerating the movie wasn't d soul reason why i suddenly sprang out of my bed, wore my chappal, took my moneybag and went downstairs and realized carrying my debit card wont be very safe in this part of bangalore at 8pm in night (yah.. u heard me r8.. 8 pm is "night" in e-city).. so i deposited d wallet to  my friends and asked them i am gonna "take a walk" and gave a sprint  towards busstop and i am pretty sure the timing was 2nd best to my previous timing when in the school sports of 2003 , i stood 2nd last ... Woodstock is  a scary place.. well on fast glance it seems nice and well maintained but apart for its invisibility cloak cladded wi fi and mutant insecticide resistant cockroaches, it has something very sinister about it.. I am not sure whether u all have noticed it or it has just shown it to me but sometimes it expands its filthy black hand and attempts to strangle its residents. 1st time I saw that hand, i went straight to  to Majestic railway station as i thought that's the only safe place to spend the night in if one ones to stay away from her hostel and has no friend/ relative in the city.. This time while i wasnt feeling so frightened and restless , i surely needed to be somewhere where i could feel the pulse of life vibrating through the veins of the city ... Thankfully probably for the 1st time, all the lights of the flyover was turned on yesterday.I guess they realized my plight and took pity on me otherwise, why on earth would not they be switched off  today as usual ? I realized i need to talk to some1, some friend to be specific and called Antara who obviously didn't pick up the call and something went wrong while calling Arijita as i couldn't hear what she was saying.. then without planning anything at all i went aboard a 356 and called arnab and regretted  the moment i did so.. afterall, friends never stay friends after they turn into ur relative(jiju to be specific) and relatives as the last persons to be called when u r in such a wretched condition that u dont feel like u know urself anymore . Anyway i got down at forum .. went inside landmark and tried calling moumi to check if she ccould come and then found  a place and a nice book of missives published by forbes and then while trying to recline upsetted an entire row of book .. typical of me and while trying to make up the mess i created , i discovered for the 1st time that people are looking at me like i am from pluto and then i realized i was wearing my hostel clothes .. i wonder why people make such fuss about clothing when they go to shopping malls.. not that any1 will ever bother to look at u .. we are way too narcissistic to do so.. anyway, back to the story, thankfully in this juncture arijita called and d petty talk i had for 19 minutes acted as my salvation and i decided to come back.. then i stopped at big bazar and was horrified to see the queue and i've no idea why on earth i bought bhel from the lady sitting on the footpath.. then i took a bus and after getting down i realized that i didn't want to eat it but i didn't want to waste it either .. so i decided to do some animal welfare and had d discovery of the day that dogs dont eat bhel.. if fact they ran  like hell when i offered them some.. even the peaceful cow who was sitting near the juice shop in d expectation of   some rotten fruits didn't take my offer of such heavenly delicacy ... that's why they are called cows .. 

I felt bluer than ever and then i looked up and saw the golden moon .. after nearly an eternity...  My room being cafeteria faced , i generally never get a chance to look at my 1st love , the night sky ... And then i realized the entire conspiracy of making me restless and driving me out of woodstock was actually a conspiracy of the sky , the moon and the stars to make me look at them... and they were looking so beautiful.. I felt so old while standing beneath them and i felt that throughout aeons i have looked at them with exactly the same expression of contentment..on the 3rd day of the nascent year i realized that i will continue to do so as long as the 3rd most intelligent species (remember Doglous Adams?) will survive in this 3rd planet of solar system.

P.S-- there are so much freedom when u know u don't have  a reader ...  my blogs are actually  an open diary  which is more secured than the most secret documets of NASA!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catering to the hidden idiocy of 1,139,964,932 people

3 idiots.. wonderful marketing strategy by playing with people's sentiment and ong(r)o(w)ing trend of generalization , negating any effect of hard work, leaving everything on intrinsic talent and utopian concept of "in the end truth conquers it all(remember the farcical interview?)" ...  At least the book was close to real life .. the movie is conceived , delivered (not in a remotely scientific or aesthetic way ; with a vacuum cleaner and a dire disregard for disinfection or hygiene or the fact that human eyes can't function if they are covered by a blanket) and buried in the dreamy land of Bollywood ..Besides, don't forget the strategy of evoking the Deja vu of "Jab We Met" by relating Kareena with Manali and also Kareena was older than Ameer in a "Wake up sid" kind of trend .. worthy of an applaud no doubt.. but inspite of all its follies, the 3 hours of 3idiots offered us a Rocking time ! 

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post of 2010

03.27am , 01.01.10

Isn't it ironic that i uninstalled microsoft office 2010 on the last day of '09 ?

*I didn't leave with others at 4.30 pm's bus as we'd our NEN meeting and while getting back to hostel at around 6.30, it started raining (which reminds me either ritesh or mangesh paid my bus fare .. but i guess i'll forget to repay, so typical of me ) and though i thought i'll be irritated by this rain at new year's eve(i guess i'd definitely be if i had a plan outside d hostel) but i actually enjoyed getting drenched in the rain . But had to take a bath afterwards partly because the rainwater of bangalore is not taht good but mainly, I didn't take bath in the morn... When I entered the room my roomie was all prepared to go for a night out with her BF, which means , tonight i am the king of my room.

* New year party was awesome.. On 30th, after college we had many discussions ranging from bonfire to approaching the college to get permission for a party and then I went to play basketball (for the 1st time in my life and goofed up miserably ) . When i went to college yesterday(sounds odd , it was just 18 hours ago , I heard that they are planning to lend a room t woodstock itself and have the party there .. But the cost turned out to be exorbitant and we ended up selecting Mishra's room as our party venue... Now as it is situated in the 3rd floor of boys' hostel, it's technically out of bound for us .. So, we took the risk of playing hide and seek with the security guards and other inhabitants of boys hostel (especially the PGDM guys ) , afterall, these kind of palpitations adds spice to the excitement level . And also woodstock, being a service apartment , sould not have any gender restriction in any of its blocks.

*So, i prepared by 8 , collected the gifts sent by mom from help desk and went to TV room where our guide Mangesh was waiting for me and rashi and then Mithun took over the role of guide and we took asylum in Mangesh's room where Priya and Prasanna were waiting . Some seniors were there in 1st floor so we were asked to run a marathon through 1st and 2nd floor and stop only after being inside Abhisek's room . Manisha, Nupur and Amna were already waiting there for us and I must admit I was pretty impressed with the neatness of the room , I never for a single day could keep my room so tidy. Speaker , Drinks (both soft and hard ), Sabarma, chichen and veg starters were waiting to be consumed by us.. Then after a breif session of singing and dancing we started a game where a person could be asked 13 questions (as there were 14 of us) and he or she must tell the truth.. As we played by alphabetical order, the order came to be Abhisekh, Amna, Glin , Jamil, Mangesh, Manisha , Mithun, nupur seth, , Rashi, Ritesh , Shine and me.. We celebrated the New year moment just when Mangesh's torture sesion was completed and then these people stated singing oldies' songs (ie song from early 90s when i was around 3-4 year old, and whenever i could identify any song , they started singing even older songs.. the tinge of irritation actually multiplied the fun and then we went back to the game . During Shine's questioning session manisha's friends called her for the Nandi hills tour and thus my session was thankfully cut short and was devoid of any embarrassing question. Priya and Prasanna was as usual immersed with each other and just after 12 am, Prasanna left and Priya actually fell asleep . Ritz was a bit depressed 'cause it was the anniversary of his break up and I dont know whether it was the effect of the depression or the daru, he played some golden oldies... then we had veg biriyani and another round of chicken and veg cuisines .. and then Manisha , nupur and priya left and rashi fell asleep soon .. we continued with our photo session and chit chat and then shine came back and escorted us out.. some PGDM banda saw us while coming out , I hope he would be able to recall who we were ..

So, it was a rocking new year party but I ate tooooooooooooo much so from this moment onwards i must take at least 1 resolution that is to control and rein in my eating habit !

*Tomorrow we're scheduled to watch 3 idots at 1 o clock show @ rex .. Had to pay 160 ie 40 bucks extra.. Hope it turns out to be worth the investment ! In the meantime the tri 2 exam schedule mail has come but i didn't even bother to look at it :)