Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Thoughts Evoked after seeing my Friend's Status Msg in G-talk

I never thought Abhijnan , of all people can write this as his gtalk status msg ... And that's the central doctrine of the expression of our instinct which we call by the farcical euphemism named relationship ... r8?.. Kudos to my friend for throwing out all the gibberish Millls & Boons elements and coming out something as articulate and vivid as that :).

Well, My blog could end r8 there and a Happy ending it would be .. But reader proposes author disposes .. Apparently the message I thought the poem conveyed wasn't the message the poet wanted to convey. After all these years my childhood friend still remains to be a child..How did I find that out? well, after i praised him for this courageous deed , he asked me to read his orkut "about me" poem . And I was nonplussed after finding out that , that poem was a stark opposite of the one posted above.. That poem was infact some sentimental crap of love gained and lost and worse?  he was contemplating eradicating the concept of night completely and when I asked him how come the fates of buttons will be changed if darkness wasn't there , he dismissed me altogether saying I'd misunderstood his status msg.. the conversation which  followed was something like this ----

                   me: kalo na thakle tor sobkota botam ki surjaloke bodle 
                    jabe ?                          

no yaar ,, kalo is a part of life
                   w/o kalo
9:30 PM most of d gr8est things of world wont occur
 Abhijnan: dhurr
  er sate botam elo kotha theke?
 me: tui dhuuur
9:31 PM Abhijnan: keno???????????????
  tuiii dhurr
9:32 PM me: ore kobi..jani tor bondhu ssudhui robi.. kin2 toke hatte hobe aro anek poth...chharte hobe anek chena, badha dhora got
9:33 PM kabir kabyo pore sobai dekhe anyo mane.. kintu sei mane j hay kobi e na jane
9:35 PM Abhijnan: mane?
  me: E anyany tui bol sokha kora jay bordasto? ekatha sunle biswer kobi ratnera hobe trastyo
9:36 PM Abhijnan: ki je bolis tuii janiss!
So, After all none of my friends are showing any sign of growing up anytime soon... And they blame me for having crush on middle aged men.. Boys take abominably, abnormally long time to grow up into men ... So, from aeons, girls in their 20s date men in their late 40s; be it my fair lady ,  Sound of music,  Lost in translation or cheeni kum(well, in this case increase both end by some 20 years). . . After all when they themselves reach their 40s, they can always follow the footsteps of Demi Moore ... If u allocate senior mentors in workplace for new recruits then why not apply the same theorem in so called relationships? After all the things in life ultimately boils down to pure business. So, guys next time u get frustrated of not getting any attention from any of ur  college chicks , turn your attention to your mom's 2nd cousin (who just got through a traumatic divorce ) instead..All d best !


monami said...
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monami said...

there is minimum 4yrs and maximum 20yrs diff in b/w male mental maturity n female mental maturity.. Its proved its expected from abhijnan to write this type of u dont worry dexter its normal for them ..;)