Thursday, January 7, 2010

5th, 6th and early 7th:- To cut a long story super short

5th:-Got totally screwed in both OR and E-Biz tech two presentation,,, then went to staples and Forum for shine's a t from adidas and planned to make a personalized quote calender from staples .Then Mangu's B-day celebration on 12 am at 6th followed by watching movies (pulp fiction ..but even such a brilliant pic couldn't keep me awake).. Wok eup at 7 only to fall asleep again and woke up at 11.. couldn't attend NEN meeting at 11.30..Didn't obviously go to college...not even in the 2nd half... Left at around 6.30 for Anand sir's party .. d primary venue sucked biggggggg time so went to paramount and then finally china pearl.. blatantly disregarded my new year diet resolution throughout the day.. now i am getting really scared thinking about the consequences .. Came back by auto like 25th midnight mass .. drew a  card for shine.. collected everyone's signature and celebrated his B'day 12 am 2nite.. cake was awesome and had 4 big slices of it...chocolate even more calorie..must make it sure to starve 2mrw.. 1 samosa, 1 egg puff, fuchka, 4 slice of Choco cream cake and Extra large helpings of chinese food consisting of noodles soup, fried rice, noodles, prawn and chicken is way 2 much even for  a week ..anyway, shine's bday was awesome...handa was in a photo clicking mood.. after all was gone we 4 stayed back wid group IB and watched rajesh imitating others .. then came back to D312 only to go downstairs after some time to do chit chat..but  rashi fell asleep... So finally we bade Shine good night and went back to our respective rooms.. and nw i am feeling too tired to even think and type.. but weirdly enough, i am not sleepy.. may be i'll elaborat eall these 2mrw.. must start studying from 2morrow or else i'll surely fail in tri2.. Have some half an hour's lecture from some1 from HP 2morrow... for that we'd have to waste our time and torture ourselves by wearing blazer and going to the college..Don't know what will i do r8 nw.. guess i'll try reading BW .. must read and analyse the pending 4 issues in detail.. man , i am wasting my time , talent as well as my parent's resources...and for that no1 else but i am to be blamed.. may be i should stop preaching like a  self righteous prick and start rectifying myself.. not maybe.. i MUST. 

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