Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post of 2010

03.27am , 01.01.10

Isn't it ironic that i uninstalled microsoft office 2010 on the last day of '09 ?

*I didn't leave with others at 4.30 pm's bus as we'd our NEN meeting and while getting back to hostel at around 6.30, it started raining (which reminds me either ritesh or mangesh paid my bus fare .. but i guess i'll forget to repay, so typical of me ) and though i thought i'll be irritated by this rain at new year's eve(i guess i'd definitely be if i had a plan outside d hostel) but i actually enjoyed getting drenched in the rain . But had to take a bath afterwards partly because the rainwater of bangalore is not taht good but mainly, I didn't take bath in the morn... When I entered the room my roomie was all prepared to go for a night out with her BF, which means , tonight i am the king of my room.

* New year party was awesome.. On 30th, after college we had many discussions ranging from bonfire to approaching the college to get permission for a party and then I went to play basketball (for the 1st time in my life and goofed up miserably ) . When i went to college yesterday(sounds odd , it was just 18 hours ago , I heard that they are planning to lend a room t woodstock itself and have the party there .. But the cost turned out to be exorbitant and we ended up selecting Mishra's room as our party venue... Now as it is situated in the 3rd floor of boys' hostel, it's technically out of bound for us .. So, we took the risk of playing hide and seek with the security guards and other inhabitants of boys hostel (especially the PGDM guys ) , afterall, these kind of palpitations adds spice to the excitement level . And also woodstock, being a service apartment , sould not have any gender restriction in any of its blocks.

*So, i prepared by 8 , collected the gifts sent by mom from help desk and went to TV room where our guide Mangesh was waiting for me and rashi and then Mithun took over the role of guide and we took asylum in Mangesh's room where Priya and Prasanna were waiting . Some seniors were there in 1st floor so we were asked to run a marathon through 1st and 2nd floor and stop only after being inside Abhisek's room . Manisha, Nupur and Amna were already waiting there for us and I must admit I was pretty impressed with the neatness of the room , I never for a single day could keep my room so tidy. Speaker , Drinks (both soft and hard ), Sabarma, chichen and veg starters were waiting to be consumed by us.. Then after a breif session of singing and dancing we started a game where a person could be asked 13 questions (as there were 14 of us) and he or she must tell the truth.. As we played by alphabetical order, the order came to be Abhisekh, Amna, Glin , Jamil, Mangesh, Manisha , Mithun, nupur seth, , Rashi, Ritesh , Shine and me.. We celebrated the New year moment just when Mangesh's torture sesion was completed and then these people stated singing oldies' songs (ie song from early 90s when i was around 3-4 year old, and whenever i could identify any song , they started singing even older songs.. the tinge of irritation actually multiplied the fun and then we went back to the game . During Shine's questioning session manisha's friends called her for the Nandi hills tour and thus my session was thankfully cut short and was devoid of any embarrassing question. Priya and Prasanna was as usual immersed with each other and just after 12 am, Prasanna left and Priya actually fell asleep . Ritz was a bit depressed 'cause it was the anniversary of his break up and I dont know whether it was the effect of the depression or the daru, he played some golden oldies... then we had veg biriyani and another round of chicken and veg cuisines .. and then Manisha , nupur and priya left and rashi fell asleep soon .. we continued with our photo session and chit chat and then shine came back and escorted us out.. some PGDM banda saw us while coming out , I hope he would be able to recall who we were ..

So, it was a rocking new year party but I ate tooooooooooooo much so from this moment onwards i must take at least 1 resolution that is to control and rein in my eating habit !

*Tomorrow we're scheduled to watch 3 idots at 1 o clock show @ rex .. Had to pay 160 ie 40 bucks extra.. Hope it turns out to be worth the investment ! In the meantime the tri 2 exam schedule mail has come but i didn't even bother to look at it :)

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