Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catering to the hidden idiocy of 1,139,964,932 people

3 idiots.. wonderful marketing strategy by playing with people's sentiment and ong(r)o(w)ing trend of generalization , negating any effect of hard work, leaving everything on intrinsic talent and utopian concept of "in the end truth conquers it all(remember the farcical interview?)" ...  At least the book was close to real life .. the movie is conceived , delivered (not in a remotely scientific or aesthetic way ; with a vacuum cleaner and a dire disregard for disinfection or hygiene or the fact that human eyes can't function if they are covered by a blanket) and buried in the dreamy land of Bollywood ..Besides, don't forget the strategy of evoking the Deja vu of "Jab We Met" by relating Kareena with Manali and also Kareena was older than Ameer in a "Wake up sid" kind of trend .. worthy of an applaud no doubt.. but inspite of all its follies, the 3 hours of 3idiots offered us a Rocking time ! 

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