Monday, January 4, 2010

Eccentricity and E-city

Disturbia is one of the worst time pass movies I've ever checked out.. It's an amalgamation of hackneyed plot of adolescence fantasies and fears  with Hitchcock's masterpiece "rear window" ... I personally thought it was a crime to molest that iconic thriller.. But the effect of tolerating the movie wasn't d soul reason why i suddenly sprang out of my bed, wore my chappal, took my moneybag and went downstairs and realized carrying my debit card wont be very safe in this part of bangalore at 8pm in night (yah.. u heard me r8.. 8 pm is "night" in e-city).. so i deposited d wallet to  my friends and asked them i am gonna "take a walk" and gave a sprint  towards busstop and i am pretty sure the timing was 2nd best to my previous timing when in the school sports of 2003 , i stood 2nd last ... Woodstock is  a scary place.. well on fast glance it seems nice and well maintained but apart for its invisibility cloak cladded wi fi and mutant insecticide resistant cockroaches, it has something very sinister about it.. I am not sure whether u all have noticed it or it has just shown it to me but sometimes it expands its filthy black hand and attempts to strangle its residents. 1st time I saw that hand, i went straight to  to Majestic railway station as i thought that's the only safe place to spend the night in if one ones to stay away from her hostel and has no friend/ relative in the city.. This time while i wasnt feeling so frightened and restless , i surely needed to be somewhere where i could feel the pulse of life vibrating through the veins of the city ... Thankfully probably for the 1st time, all the lights of the flyover was turned on yesterday.I guess they realized my plight and took pity on me otherwise, why on earth would not they be switched off  today as usual ? I realized i need to talk to some1, some friend to be specific and called Antara who obviously didn't pick up the call and something went wrong while calling Arijita as i couldn't hear what she was saying.. then without planning anything at all i went aboard a 356 and called arnab and regretted  the moment i did so.. afterall, friends never stay friends after they turn into ur relative(jiju to be specific) and relatives as the last persons to be called when u r in such a wretched condition that u dont feel like u know urself anymore . Anyway i got down at forum .. went inside landmark and tried calling moumi to check if she ccould come and then found  a place and a nice book of missives published by forbes and then while trying to recline upsetted an entire row of book .. typical of me and while trying to make up the mess i created , i discovered for the 1st time that people are looking at me like i am from pluto and then i realized i was wearing my hostel clothes .. i wonder why people make such fuss about clothing when they go to shopping malls.. not that any1 will ever bother to look at u .. we are way too narcissistic to do so.. anyway, back to the story, thankfully in this juncture arijita called and d petty talk i had for 19 minutes acted as my salvation and i decided to come back.. then i stopped at big bazar and was horrified to see the queue and i've no idea why on earth i bought bhel from the lady sitting on the footpath.. then i took a bus and after getting down i realized that i didn't want to eat it but i didn't want to waste it either .. so i decided to do some animal welfare and had d discovery of the day that dogs dont eat bhel.. if fact they ran  like hell when i offered them some.. even the peaceful cow who was sitting near the juice shop in d expectation of   some rotten fruits didn't take my offer of such heavenly delicacy ... that's why they are called cows .. 

I felt bluer than ever and then i looked up and saw the golden moon .. after nearly an eternity...  My room being cafeteria faced , i generally never get a chance to look at my 1st love , the night sky ... And then i realized the entire conspiracy of making me restless and driving me out of woodstock was actually a conspiracy of the sky , the moon and the stars to make me look at them... and they were looking so beautiful.. I felt so old while standing beneath them and i felt that throughout aeons i have looked at them with exactly the same expression of contentment..on the 3rd day of the nascent year i realized that i will continue to do so as long as the 3rd most intelligent species (remember Doglous Adams?) will survive in this 3rd planet of solar system.

P.S-- there are so much freedom when u know u don't have  a reader ...  my blogs are actually  an open diary  which is more secured than the most secret documets of NASA!

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