Friday, August 13, 2010

Ode to a stranger

statutory warning: It's NOT a poem!

Sitting in the class on a dull Friday morn,
So many people around me...
Makes me feel even more lonely.
NO. ‘Lonely’ perhaps, is not the right word.
What is it that I am feeling?
OR, am I feeling at all?
It’s not rage, neither grief,
Nor the apprehension of a bleak future...
I’ve just turned into a fossilized tree!
I see them all around-
Laughing, loving, hating, mating;
Doing some substantial work...
Or the fa├žade of it at least!
I don’t need to put on that mask again;
It has been embossed into my face, FOREVER.
The mask of careless sobriety, mask of a joker
I am lost underneath the mound of masks.
I feel sick of the suffocation they cause,
But I can’t evade them...
They are a part of my existence now!
I can’t even recall how I used to look like-
The fuel that I once had inside me,
Is turning into a debris of unused love.
I can see my life sinking every day, every moment
Sinking into the quicksand of it.

Give me a sparkle, light me up:
Let those fuels burn me down.
I want to scream in pain,
Smell the odour of my own burning skin
& when all is gone,
Only the ashes are left,
Will you not care to search for something?
Find my soul from under the piles of ash-
It’s waiting for so long,
It’s sinking for eternity...
For thy flame to come and show it its way.
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