Friday, August 13, 2010

Ode to a stranger

statutory warning: It's NOT a poem!

Sitting in the class on a dull Friday morn,
So many people around me...
Makes me feel even more lonely.
NO. ‘Lonely’ perhaps, is not the right word.
What is it that I am feeling?
OR, am I feeling at all?
It’s not rage, neither grief,
Nor the apprehension of a bleak future...
I’ve just turned into a fossilized tree!
I see them all around-
Laughing, loving, hating, mating;
Doing some substantial work...
Or the fa├žade of it at least!
I don’t need to put on that mask again;
It has been embossed into my face, FOREVER.
The mask of careless sobriety, mask of a joker
I am lost underneath the mound of masks.
I feel sick of the suffocation they cause,
But I can’t evade them...
They are a part of my existence now!
I can’t even recall how I used to look like-
The fuel that I once had inside me,
Is turning into a debris of unused love.
I can see my life sinking every day, every moment
Sinking into the quicksand of it.

Give me a sparkle, light me up:
Let those fuels burn me down.
I want to scream in pain,
Smell the odour of my own burning skin
& when all is gone,
Only the ashes are left,
Will you not care to search for something?
Find my soul from under the piles of ash-
It’s waiting for so long,
It’s sinking for eternity...
For thy flame to come and show it its way.

1 comment:

devayani said...

How often have I felt the same, echoes of ones life in another's verse! Strange to think that the ones who claim to know me best, can never see deep enough, yet the words of a stranger can peer into the abyss, and express so succintly the pain within!