Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prelude to a tale which is gonna be " Legendary " !!! :D

Just watched Law abiding citizen .. wonder where they gathered all that hackneyed crap  from .. with such a quantity of BS in real life , the energy problem of the universe will be solved for a century with the sheer amount of bio gas we could produce from it!

Didn't do my journal entries for a long time.. Have a lot to say.. Especially about Nasik , Kanpur and E-Idiots.. But the pain of tolerating that egregious movie has drained out all my energy. so off to the bed now.. will try and try abt the mentioned 3 event .. the bus experience of the 1st one is worth writing a suspense thriller about ! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Techkriti 2010 Review

Nice place BUT pathetic lack of co-ordination in administrative part which resulted in this absolute anarchy .. no1 is available to share reliable info, every1 is saying something which contradicts d other1's statement ... and...nooooo sight of any fooood...i m highly disappointed wid the organizers @ d end of day0..these fellas must attend drishti or even their cousin's event in Bombay and learn frm them ! But then, most of these people are engineers and while their technical forte is worth applauding , they've successfully proved themselves to be worthless leaders (or even followers ) ... 

The campus is huge but there aint a single CCD or any other decent food court  here... This place , however beautiful it might be while judged from the point of view of natural grandeur , is actually like a forbidden forest cut off from the world .. Wonder how thse wiz-kiddos will manage to be rulers of the big bad world and if and when they do so, where will the world head to!

wonder why 30 girls must be pushed into a single room in a campus such big as this ... and why on earth if an MBA student asks for the justification of arranging separate rooms for IIM students and refuses to stay with general BTech students; she is accused of seeking "favouritism"... The behaviour of most of the co-ordinators is rude and I dont know why their "brains the size of a planet" take such long time to process simple queries..A fest should never include so many various departments ... too many cooks spoiled the broth here !

In gist ? I am irritated , frustrated , annoyed and irked ... this is the worst College fest ever attended by me since i came to welingkar . Yes. Bhaban's Marshall college , Bangalore included .

In the end of my 1st day here my review is that - "This place SUCKS big time"

PS- After all those preaching about "absolute safety inside campus" bullcrap , i got semi molested while searching for CSE lounge from where, i was told that, i might access to internet and well, write this review basically(well one info was r8 at least but as of now i m using some student's user id and he's none of the organizers).