Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend News & Views

I won't say I was eagerly waiting for this weekend to come. No, if I said that, it'd be a lie. Actually after the end of my 1st 'in job week’, I was dying for the 1st weekend to come. I was rather devastated to know that it had been postponed for 1 day, thanks to the preposterous culture of ”alternate Saturday off" and previous Saturday being the wrong one in the series.

So, finally when I woke up at 4 am on my blissful Sunday morning (It looked nothing like a morning though, it was pitch black outside)... I was all set to go and surprise my Mumbaikar friends... but then post brushing my teeth, the very familiar and dear friend Mr. Lethargy came to visit me and thus till 1 pm, I laid half awake in my tiny hybrid cot and watched endless marching of Fellini's creations which, however intriguing they might be, were not at all suitable for a bright Monday morning. So, I finally decided to move my horrendously over weight butt and after doing a few shopping here and there (including buying a pair of glares, the heat was killing me), came back to my PG took a bath at 5.30 pm (considering the fact that I planned to take it at 4.30 am; I was merely an hour late with just a tweaking in the very next letter which comes after the numbers!).. Oh! I also went to Durga cafe during this trip but then the detailed discussion will follow later.

Anyway, I aimlessly proceeded to the bus stop and with the aim of exploring the city got into the 1st bust that was passing by. It was incidentally going to swargate but I got down at Deccan (for those who are not familiar with Pune: it is a big drain with a couple of bridges on it trying to give the general public the illusion of it being a river). I've no idea why I did that but while walking aimlessly on the bridge; I glanced on a merry-go-round and was immediately busy finding a way towards it. But the lanes of Pune can be really confusing. Thankfully I met 2 girls named Amruta and Madhuri who were also going there and befriended them and had a rocking time till 8pm (will upload the pics soon @ FB )

Then, I came back at MIT and for the 2nd time of the day and the place which failed to impressed me in the blazing sunlight, completely bamboozled me in the night. Man, they should write case studies on that place. Apart from their egregiously low priced cold coffee, their entire SCM is awesome. I doubt if Mc Donald can ever boast of such precision and besides unlike big Mac, this place has a personality of it's not the (lack of) mere plastic smile of robot like waiters. Besides, this cafe is one of those very few places where u can see, smell and feel the real India: across all ages, cultures & SECs, be it a low cut Levi Strauss clad youth with spiked hair or long braided traditional middle aged lady wearing conservative salwar.

In fact, more will follow on Durga Cafe from me (wonder why no substantial article is written on it except for a few brief reviews!) and for those people who are from Kolkata or has been there: this Cafe will invariably remind you of coffee house even though they are strangely dissimilar.

That's all from me for 2day. Watch out this place for further updates. Ciao :)

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