Friday, May 14, 2010


1st of all let me tell you guys that yesterday's evening was the 1st instance when I had a real rocking time with friends here at Pune. I went out to F C Road with 2 colleagues of mine, Manpreet and Karan . The former one actually dumped her accounts class for us. And we had good food , crazy chit chats( one instance of which was Karan's story of serving 'pee'psi to his roommate) and a real good time which ended @ 10.30 pm with Manpreet telling us about her encounter with the immaterial (she actually spent a night with a ghost.. pity that the ghost was an old man or else it could be the beginning of a real 'paheli' type romance) followed by me taking an auto whose driver was totally sloshed and refused to stop at MIT!

I could go on writing the entire blog on yesterday but I have something far more interesting to write about. It is said that every person on earth has this natural instinct of searching her name in Wikipedia. I wonder why I've not done it before! Actually I wouldn't have done it even now hadn't I searched the meaning of the name of a friend's fiancĂ©e. Once I found out the meaning of her name (which basically was "daughter of the mountain), I felt like searching for that of mine. And I came across an extra-ordinarily weird entry in Wikipedia. I actually used to rule a mythical kingdom in era in some 5th century BC!!!!

Now let's do a comparative study between me and my syno'nym' (now, what's the word for 'persons having same name'? forgive my momentary amnesia) and find out how the later affected / influenced the former.

• This person was a man which accounts for the male persona which catches hold of my psyche from time to time.
• From Wikipedia: "King Suchandra (Tib. Dawa Sangpo) of the northeastern Indian Kingdom of Shambhala was the one who requested teaching from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the dharma without renouncing his worldly enjoyments and responsibilities." No wonder I always keep on chucking hard work for some smarter solutions through shorter and less perilous routes.
• He established "Kalchakra (The wheel of Time) Practices and wrote a 60,000 lines long commentary describing it. The main aim of this practice was to evade the grinding machine of time. I've done the same by just choosing to ignore the neon sign hanging over my head that:" Time is running out". If u choose not to care, nothing can intimidate you, r8? Thus I don't need to write notes or create 3D sculptures. My life itself is a live 3D note right in front of ur eyes which preaches ways to avoid being smashed by the 4th dimension.
• By practicing Kalachakra, the province of shambhala became an enlightened society with suchandra as their ruler. Thus, he virtually created an Atlantis: Even I've and please don't ask how or where. If u knew the location of Atlantis then it'd no more remain a mystery to you.
• Besides, that I've "enlightened" you guys are evident from the very fact that u never part with your fast track / ray ban glares even at 2am in the morning. After all, the blaze of your own enlightenment is too much for yourselves to bear with!
• King Suchandra is said to be the emanation of Vajrapani (One who carries Thunderbolt in Hand): No wonder all my electronic gadgets get spoiled so quickly: it is the static energy of my hand that writes their epitaph!

So, isn't it amazing how much insight you can get about yourself just with the click of your mouse? I wish I could get insights about MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) as easily as that. That's what my project is all about: identifying TG for my company amongst them. Didn't I tell you that before? Oh! I am sure I have but that information must have got lost in translation somewhere in the way. After all it's a long way from 5th century BC Tibet to 2010 AD Pune, u see!!!

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