Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some Gibberish

Haven't written anything for quite a long time;  wouldn't have even written anything 2day hadn't one of my friends enquired about my blog...  Many news are pending from my side, including my Pune sightseeing which included tour to Parvati Temple & Chatursinghi Temple ; both of which are situated on top of hills and while exploring the 2nd one I actually climbed up the hill wearing a stiletto and I must admit it was heck of a task!!!  Then on this Sunday, post the chaturshinghi tour , I visited Shaniwarvada and simply hated the place. . . However , the Laxmi road tour followed by it was  quite interesting but all these are nothing compared to the monsoon of madness which flooded away my sanity on this Saturday. 

On Friday night , Manpreet gave me a lift at good-luck cafe and after she was gone, I was roaming around like a lost soul in the streets and a most miraculous thing happened . Some people probably took pity on me and handed over a concert ticket for Mtv Stuntmania Rockathon where the rock band named Parikrama was supposed to perform. So, Next day I went office at around 11.30 am (my reporting time is 9.30am ) and left for lunch at 1pm and after coming back went directly to the director's room to ask for an early leave.. Frankly speaking, i'd not have even done that hadn't my other sincere colleagues looked so scandalized at the mere thought of me eloping with my caprice w/o informing any1! The directer obviously  looked thunder struck when i informed me about the concert ( I could have come up with some other excuses but i was simply sick of all these insignificant lies) , and he said in an ominous voice :" Do as u wish." Now I interpreted that as :" Yes sure, you can leave" ( Afterall your job is just a mean to sustain in life .. What's the point of a job when is the "life" itself is missing from ur life?!) and I left immediately and for the 1st time met one gregarious Puneite. I merely asked this lady for the direction of Katraj and she actually gave me  a lift there. In the way we had  a rather amusing discussion about the matching sunshine of me and her 11 months old son and I must confess I never knew so much about my zodiac characteristics as I came to know from her in only 20 mins. And after reaching the venue I had this irresistible urge to embarrass myself and thus actually I got up in the stage in front of some 500 + boys and girls and danced with the tune of Akon. Then , four local rock bands came and made us write a paper on patience before finally Parikrama came on stage at around 8.30 pm (oh BTW, I'd reached there by 3 pm!)... I still wonder why they considered Led Zeppelin as the greatest psychedelic rock band ever , but the fusion that followed this statement was really awesome . I came back around 11.30 and when my land-lady asked the reasons for being late , I simply pointed out that the night was still young and left her dumbstruck.

Well enough of information .. Let's discuss some insights now. My life in pune has been a weird combination of emotional troughs& crests... I hate my job: My nature is that if i get frustrated with something , it becomes impossible for me to concentrate on that ... & i simply hate the method with which I've been asked to approach the project .. I simply hate the PG and the body-odour of my roommates. If I had to choose between a dumb brute and another who smells bad I'd probably chose the former. But I don't have much of  achoice . Coz , my room mates carry both these qualities! So, I basically run away from the PG in the morning and stay out as late as possible and sometimes I feel terribly lonely and then I become angry with myself for not being able to be self contained...  But then in some moments I feel so happy with my life, like for example in the concert, i felt like i was in the top of the world. I never really got much chances to be a normal 20 years old. In my home , I was surrounded by people far older than me. When i was 5, my best friend was a 17 year old young lady . Thus I grew up to be a rather precocious child. But on saturday night i just felt like shedding all that burden of maturity off and just indulge in the sheer spirit of youth and its insane enthusiasm . And i loved to be around people whom I'd hang out with in normal scenario ! It feels good if u just realize how young you are. You suddenly see a whole lot of possibility lying in front u. Remeber the famous dialogue from Shirley Valentine? "From now on whenever i'd look at the mirror , I'd never say : Oh God.. I am 45; instead I'd say : Oh Shirley , you are ONLY 45!"  

So, when i was standing at Deccan bus stop yesterday I did some really lght hearted thinking about my life. And I discovered that I can claim to have some dexterity in sketching , singing and even though I can never express what i actually think, I can at least give it a try. And I love listening to music , reading , swimming and contemplating . That leaves me with a world full of things I am either NOT good at or have not learnt to love. What's the point of wasting time in brooding over some incidents or some persons when u've so much to do with the limited time you have in hand. So, from now on whenever I feel like brooding , I'd rather do something crazy , this world is in dire need of some sincere madness and I'll try my best to provide my share :)

PS. I discovered the kingdom of Narnia at the backside of my PG. On sunday morn at around 5, I got too bugged with the cackling and racket of my room mates and thus I got out of the bed, put on my sneakers and hit the road w/o even bothering to brush my teeth or change my night suit! There is this slum in the backyard of our PG and it's located in a small hill (not exactly a hill but well, one might say that the slope of the place was a bit higher than the normal slop of plains) , I've no idea what whim drove me there but i went inside and after reaching the other side of the slum, I discovered a wonder land called Vetal hills (I didn't knew the name then though, i found it later from google maps !) which is far better than any of the conventional tourist spots simply by virtue of being unexplored by the hoi polloi and thus it is still now unscathed of the bane of  pollution and plastics. From now on whenever i'd feel like taking a short escape I know a wonderland which is just 18 mins away from the stinking PG of mine... So, in the end I guess all those room mates of mine whom i hate so much deserve a gregarious thanks from me. Hadn't it been for them, I'd never discover that secret wardrobe :) 


Cynthia Pittmann said...

Hi Moonstruck! It sounds as if you have a lot going on! I hope you don't get fired from your job (unless you want a break). Thanks for visiting Oasis blog all the way in Puerto Rico!

Moonstruck said...

Hi Cynthia ,
I love to browse around the globe and the tropical places always attract me so no wonder i ended up at Puerto Rico...! :D
I guess they wont fire me coz this is my summer internship (a part of my MBA) ..but I just hope my final job wont turn out to be such a mundane one :(