Sunday, April 18, 2010

Au revoir to my 1st year in We School

Our 1st year in We School is finally over. For us it wont be officially over before 22nd when we have our last paper of tri 3 but with the departure of most of the seniors throughout 2day and 2morrow, woodstock ambiance is experiencing a void and we are experiencing the burden of a lost year. Since i came to woodstock , my educational or professional life mostly experienced unlearning with no hope of any possible re-learning , I lost many precious habits like reading , contemplating, learning new words and useful e-surfing and gained ominous things like a few inches in my waist. But I would never say that this year was a complete waste. In fact being away from the aegis of parents for the 1st time in life,  i learned a lot in terms of my personal life. I never felt so close to any of my relatives as i felt to these classmates even though i am from a giant joint family. While classmates were always there as a companion for escape to Kormangla or M G Rd; informal arguments, chit-chats , gossips or even really frightening altercations ; the only senior i was ever close to was the one who gave intellectual stimuli to my otherwise indolent mind. My biggest challenge in 2nd year will be to resharpen my mind again with the help of my old friends, ie newspapers , books and journals with whom I lost touch after coming here cause i was too busy slaughtering doing things i never really enjoyed doing . Throughout these 9 months i always have been immersed in guilt of some sort of other, be it consuming excessive food or starving my grey cells. Soon i'll be going for my summer placement and the 1st thing i'd have to do there is to get back my habit of reading , especially reading news paper and non fiction and new words and also, i have to get rid of facebookadiction and continue with my mission diet.

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