Saturday, April 10, 2010

A blow to the project


That's my plate. And no i wasn't sharing it with any of my friends, I consumed all of it till the last bit. But you guys can not blame me. After all I am just an ordinary human being . I was never a saint . How am I gonna remain aloof to the tempestuous call of these delicious delicacies ? So, the moment I saw the poster of this dessert outside this small cafe situated in church street, it worked like a blow of absinthe to my abstinence. And a vain mortal human like me could not but reply to the call and walk inside the cafe and say RIP to my dear diet plan by consuming this venom in disguise . . . !


Ceaser said...


ishan said...

oh god!! do u know for how long I haven't eaten something like that, for abt 3 months. This is defintitely an ample hiatus to ur weight loss regime, but if u r really afflicted by this consumption of agglomerated solid poison then the gain wud be urs only. Generally ppl r asked to eat their fav foods for abt 3-4 days continously before starting a strict diet. So I advise u to eat all u can (including chocs, pastries, pizzas) for 2 more days n then make a new beginning. Kill the beast thats lurking inside u which makes u eat unhealthy, and make my simple slogan ur soliloquy - "Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever !"