Friday, April 9, 2010

Project Report with a puff

Day:- 9

Weight :- 58 Kg

Lost approx 2Kgs in a week. Now initially this might considered to be a success but in my case the loss of weight in past inevitably had been followed by drastic weight gain. So, it's better not to comment on my so called progress as of now. Initial 2 days of dieting was the most excruciating, every time I saw a Kurkure or an Ice cream, I felt like taking a bite but I resisted with the valour of a great warrior. But today I got defeated by my last and fourth enemies. When Priyanka came from home with a tempting packet full with even more tempting 'Kaju Barfi’, I succumbed to the deadly temptation and ate 4 of them. That was followed by another deadly blow from my Arch enemy - the Tuck shop and I consumed a Qwality Wall's Ice cream. I hope this gluttony will remain to be a singular exception in the entire project and I wont yield to this deadly sin, I mean for the time being ... NO.. Ever again.

Now that being said, let’s come to the sub topic. When was the last time you took a nice peaceful drag looking at the starry sky? Now if you are a boy, the answer might be 5 minutes ago (u might be a non-smoker but then at least u have the liberty of doing so), but then I am really doubtful about the starry night part. Most probably u were glued to ur lapie screen playing counter strike then. What a waste of a drag it would be. A divine addiction like that must not be insulted by diluting it with an ephemeral fad like shooter video games. When you are smoking u must be completely committed to this activity only. After all, u r burning away some years of ur life while smoking. So, at least be considerate enough to yourself to make every drag a hell of an experience. I am an occasional smoker. In fact very infrequently occasional smoker. I make it a point never to smoke more than 6 times a year , BUT then each of them has to be some experience to remember. So, 2day when I came out of our basement's tuck shop with matchsticks and a cigarette (now, that itself was a strenuous activity, mind you. Being the youngest of the class has after all its own disadvantages, especially if you are a girl), I decided to go directly to our 5th floor terrace and to take a serene smoke while chatting with Orion, canines majors and serius. Now, the rooftop is out of bound for us Woodstock residents. Probably the authorities worry that we'd jump of it or something, as if we won’t be able to figure out a more creative way of ending our life if we want to! what a blatant disrespect to our little grey cells. Anyway, some of us found one single alleyway to this leaky cauldron: it was situated in block J where the door of the rooftop is missing. So, when I headed to that sanctuary 2day, I was staggered to find out that a few carpenters are actually replacing that door. It's crueler than selling the wardrobe of Narnia to 2nd hand furniture shop. Anyway, I was determined to take my drag so I came downstairs and headed to poolside which was unusually overcrowded. So, I had to chuck that idea as well. & Finally I managed to find a quiet corner where I could at least sit if not lie down from where at least 2 stars were visible. But the moment I took my 1st puff, I could see Shine, who actually is a foster dad in guise of a friend, approaching towards me. So I hastily hid the cigarette and came up with some weird excuse of attending an imaginary call as an explanation of being at the basement all alone so late. I wonder why a girl of her own always vexes people. As if we are parasites who are not supposed to do any godamn thing w/o some other living being, preferably a male, to help us out. Anyway , once he was gone , I hastily finished my cigarette before anyone else might come and barge into my quiescence and so this entire episode was probably the worst drag experience i ever had. And the worse than worst thing is: i already had 3drags this year. so just 3 more to go to get me go through all these 9 months. That might again call for a new project.

Hopefully Shine won’t read the blog this time. Even if u do buddy, please don’t mind. I know whatever u guys do, u do it keeping in mind the best for me. But then I guess I love my freedom too much and I do need to be and deserve to be treated like an adult, which incidentally I am!

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