Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new Project: Day 0

In last post I mentioned that my friend Arnab asked me to start a writing which will need constant catering to  and will go on for some months. So, let today be the inception of a new project which will not only be a way to get rid of my mental frustration but also those physical extra bulges. Since i've come to the this city , i've gained nearly 8 Kgs. My ideal weight is 53Kg but i am 61 now and throughout April my goal will be to lose at least 2 Kg/ week so that I can lose the extra bulges by end April. Thus 2day is the last day I've touched ice cream/ chips/ donut or burger. Throughout April I'll not only survive on healthy food but also follow a strict exercise regime. While due to exams, I might not be able to inform you about the progress of the project on a daily basis, I'll definitely maintain my goals and keep on updating you in every 5days.

So initial Data are as follows :-
Starting date & Time : 30th March , 9 pm
Ending date & Time:- 30th April , 9pm

Goal :- LOSE 8 Kgs in 4 week

How it'll help :-

  • To get into all those nice cloths which are lying unattended in the closet
  • Keep away disastrous diseases like diabetics and obesity 
  • Get back the girl I once used to be : skinny and confident 
Major Obstructions in the Path :- 
  • Exam time Carb Craving, or general food craving per se
  • Dinner call by Shine , Rashi , Manisha & Nikhil
  • Constant admonition of Pokayoki baba that - " I am not eating properly"
  • Must NOT go to malls : when u are quitting alcohol u must not visit a vineyard, do it only once u've fully got rid of the addiction and I am addicted to unhealthy foods which make me look like a pig in a wig  
  • Foods brought to the room by room mates 
  • Class mates and "room neighbors" munching addictive food and offering the same to me
  • My habit of eating from other people's plate , so even if i forget to carry my purse, i always manage to get some food
  • General lethargy to go for exercise: Gym to be specific
  • Pool can be out of bound courtesy unchivalrous PGDM boys
  • My sudden mood swing which will make me chuck the dieting plan and EAT like a maniac  (this is the most dangerous peril to my golden plan )
  • After a hard day's dieting a single high calorie food can destroy the effort 
  • Condolences like " u're not that fat" from friends 
  • Birthday Parties and my addiction to black forest cake
  • Friends going home and bringing high calorie sweets AND whenever there is free food, I too am there

So, the journey ahead will be topsy turvy . But I need your constant support and reminder to reach to the goal. No dinner 2day as I already ate to much food . But from 2mrw , i'll eat healthy and eat light . Au revoir .. Next time when i'll cya all I will definitely have less cellulite. Wada raha :D

PS: As i am the only reader and writer of this blog so for once i must keep a promise i've made to myself. Come what may.


Shine said...

Hey you are not the only reader...
I would be reading it too...every time you add a post just buzz me da link.
And ya I hope you will work hard towards achieving the target of reducing 8 kg in 4 weeks.

When the 4 of us call u for dinner you should join us but at the same time eat less ;)

prithibi abar santo hobe said...

but but but u must be able 2 find a Cuisine for your mind…and 30th April , 9:01pm where u wiil b?

prithibi abar santo hobe said...
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ekkom said...

good luck to you ... just to remind you eating less wont just help... try to burn the fat

bublai said...

that`s good yaar.that u have atleast made ur mind strong & determined....i appreciate it 7 pray to God that ur wish become true & u fill proud of yourself...do it...kyunki dar ke age jeet hain !!!!!!

ishan said...

With all due respect, I must say that this weight loss regime would
be the laziest I've ever seen. I mean losing 2kgs in a month is
not exactly one should aim at, I myself aim at gaining more than 2kg
muscles in a month. U can lose more than 10kgs in a month just
by doing some cardio and following a strict low carb, high protien,
low fat diet, and 1 more thing, if u wanna have the bipasha basu
looks then u should weigh around 45kgs

Moonstruck said...

@ Ishan:- U've misread my blog, my aim is to lose 2kg/ week AND I've no intention to get a "Bipasha Basu look".. I just wanna look like my previous self b4 i go to home @ d end of April.. nevertheless , thanks for ur insight and pls keep on encouraging and criticizing me :)

Moonstruck said...

@ Arnab : hopefully at home, will book d tckt d moment the exam date is confirmed :)

ishan said...

whenever it comes to fitness, its either all or nothing, and sorry I misread a little, but still its gonna be tedious, ur target should be to lose 7kgs in 10days, by eating extremely low cal (specially on carbs), n do some freaking gut wrenching cardio
- thats from a gym rat

Arnab said...

best wishes....i wl not comment much now....my target is (12kg/2mnths) a little easier than u..still reduced only 2kg in a single mnth....anyway carry on...take my "sohanubhuti " regarding ice cream

Moonstruck said...

@Ishan: Hey , hullo i JUST wanna lose weight ,I m NOT trying to kill myself or something .. !!!

ekkom said...

looks like its working