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Murud Janjira

( Last post from a 20 year old Blogger : I am not quitting blogging, silly! This is a subtle hint just to remind u to wish me a grand Happy Birthday! :P )

CAUTION: It's NOT a Travelogue( check google if u want a Murud Janjira travel guide) : It's just a journal of my emotions!

So, In my last blog I told u about my intention of having a legendary week-end (Read the previous blog for details please :P ) and I HAD a LEGENDARY Week-end which stretched for 2nights and 3days (starting from Saturday morn )

I finally planned to go to Dive-agar with a friend of mine (and 2 other friends of his : I was not really looking forward to paint my week-end with any carnal hue, not at least when the source of that hue would be a PGDM class-mate of Welingkar .. HELL NOOOO!!! ) but they cancelled the plan in the last moment and even encouraged me to do the same and come to Bombay instead. So, I had to tell them about this horrible sprain in my left toe which aggravated me so much that the moment he hang up the call , I took my already packed rucksack and went straight to Swargate bus stop two hours ahead of the scheduled departure time of the  bus to Dive-agar.. I roamed around for 2.5 hours before it hit me that I've probably missed the bus and i would have if I didn't brake my own speed limit ( and insane-o-meter limit) when it comes to running in the middle of  a road buzzing with traffic ... !

The next 3 hours in the bus was rather mundane except for the breath-taking scenery outside the window .Then the bus stopped in a restaurant for lunch (or technically the driver did) and I got down to buy water and ended up buying a can of bear instead and torn between whether I should drink it in the bus (I didn't want to be thrown outside the bus in the mid-way!) or do something else, I chose the later and saved the can for my evening date with the sea . Instead, I started a conversation with a co-passenger which after a brief talk about how to dissect a human being (This person was an MBBS student in AFMC) led to a detailed discussion about a place called murud janjira and I actually left my bus with this stranger I've introduced myself to less than an hour ago! I can't even remember the name of the bus-stop where I got down , and Abdul actually turned out to be a real nice person (or not! ) as he waited for nearly an hour with me in the blazing sun light only to keep me company before the bus to Murud Janjira arrived.. He also suggested that either he should come with me to Murud abandoning his cousin's marriage or I should go attend that wedding and not roam around alone in an unknown place but then that's quite irrelevant in our present context ... Nevertheless, I'd like to state a view: It's weird how our society prompts us (ie women ) not to indulge in talks with strangers , especially when we actually remain as strangers even to the closest relatives & friends... I've found from my personal experience that a man derives enormous satisfaction by playing the role of " Knight in a shining armour" to a damsel in distress . And thus even if a stranger offers to help you out , he is not necessarily trying to take advantage of you all the time . He might as well want to pacify his innate thrust of bragger,self worth and to some extend : Male Chauvinism!

My bus journey to Murud , though crowded and smelly (of raw fish and human sweat) , tured out to be amazing as 30% of the road almost touched the sea waves and I was lucky enough to see the sun melt into the Arabian ocean from on-board a moving bus. . . And this was the amongst the very few instances in my life when i saw both sun-rise and sun set in a single day and that too both from places whose enchanting beauties can never be described by words. Oh.. I forgot to mention: on saturday morn, i went to my terabithia at around 4.30 am and I saw the Pune city sleeping peacefully like a sweet puppy under the mattress of the stress of an entire week ! And from that hill top I remained witness to a story unknown to the mankind. I was standing in a place where in my left hand side the sun was rising and the warmth of it's affection was melting the cold heart of the moon situated in my right hand side and the joy that was sprinkling from her was drenching the entire city and the magical touch of it inspired everyone to start afresh : "After-all , toDAY IS another day!"

Ok ok .. enough nonsense ! Back to my original story: I reached Murud at approx 8.30 pm and found out that there was no ATM there. Caution : All ya wannabe tourists : even though they are opening up  ATMs in every god-damn place on earth and soon they'll open up one in Mt. Everent ; they've NOT had the sense of keeping one in Murud. The nearest ATM was JUST 60 KM away in Alibag... So there I was, stranded in a place which looked rather ominous as the electricity was taking a nap when i reached ,  with just 1000 bucks in my pocket and NO MOBILE NETWORK . I didn't find any place to stay in any hotel. I contemplated spending the night in the beach but had to abandon the plan after the story of a rather thrilling robbery just an week ago! But in-spite of all these, i was not really feeling threatened and never for a second i regretted coming there. Finally, I told my saga to a velpuriwala who, through a chain of a few other middle  men , led me to a coconut water seller who lends his room for love birds eloping to this place in an hours notice and finding themselves in the same plight as I were then. That man's wife was sceptic about lending the room to a girl alone, a woman on her own always threatens everyone with her sheer audacity of showing the will to enjoy her life independently!  Or maybe, the lady  thought that i were a hooker... However, i convinced her to lend the room to me and was appalled to see the bed. Those who can actually sleep in that bed must indeed be BLIND in love..I took a horse nap that night . Besides the lack of any decent place to sleep , the reason contributing to my one night insomnia was that I couldn't refrain myself from the voyeuristic instinct of seeing the moon making love to the sea but then if a divine couple pronounce their love with such passionate roars , it's but obvious that a vain human like me wont have the abstinence to refuse the chance of beholding once in a lifetime show of such phantasmagoria...

 I love the sea.. If i had to chose a dream man from the nature , it'd be the sea... I love its salty smell which overflows with a frenzy fervency... And its call just sweeps off every other thought from my mind , i start running the moment i can hear it and the only thing i can think of is how soon will i be able to touch the waves and feel the tingle in my feet. And the best part is, as you look beyond the wildness of its surface u can see its depth, stillness and serenity and you wonder how can these contradictory traits exist in the same body! And every sea has its own charms. As of now I've met only 3 of them : Indian ocean , Bay of Bengali and Arabian sea and the last one is just PERFECT for me. I love its ever changing caprice : in morning it actually feeds my Electra complex by showing the maturity of an entity as old as the universe ( I actually swam backstroke in the sea on Sunday morning and thereby finally got my graduation degree in swimming!.. trust me it was amazing .. the pansy of clouds floating above my head and if I move my head  a bit right , i could see the Janjira fort and in my left side all the coconut trees were giving me a standing ovation ) . And in the early afternoon it behaves like an adolescent kid : always fighting and screaming ; i could barely stand against its revolting waves! And then in the evening it becomes the piper of Hamelin and makes u spellbound to the music it plays !

After nearly 2 hours of swimming followed by a brief tour in the horseback in the Sunday morn, i went to visit the Janjira fort at around 10 am. I bought a blue hat and was rather feeling like a 5 year old kid and every thing in the world was looking fresh and new to me... I was not even walking , my steps became so light that i felt like i was not a human being any more, that I was the wind . Now, after reaching the Murud port , I had to take a boat : a traditional sailing boat with a white sail . The fort itself is situated nearly 3km away from the shore and it's connected with the mainland with an underwater tunnel which, according to our guide,  is situated 60 feet under the bottom of the sea . Considering the fact that the fort is 900 years old, this fact simply astounded me. I wish I had an entire day to explore the fort and i could see the sun-set from there BUT I had only 45 mins thus I had to run after the completely unromantic guide and tolerate all his blabbering.. For all u future explorers, go with plenty of time in your hand ... Hire a private boat if u have to, you need an entire day to see this place . Doesn't it seem weird to be in a place like this ? I mean it used to be an ACTUAL fort , with a king who had the power to behead anyone with a movement of his tongue( I was referring to giving spoken orders by that but u can decipher the statement as you wish !)  ... There were real people here , with real hopes, dreams , desires , fears ... They slept in these rooms, they drank water from these ponds which are looking now like some mossy monster straight from a Calvin and Hobbes comics, they prayed in these mosques and temples . They saw the sunrise from the window in which I was sitting ... They had hidden from the prying eyes in this quite corner and kissed their beloved with only the rising moon as their witness. And now it all seem to be so implausible ... No one talks about these people ... History is written of the glory of the king and the brilliance of the architects who created such mighty palace and smooth doors and aesthetic windows and we forget us , the us who used to stay there 900 years ago!

After returning to mainland , I had my branch from a quiet cosy restaurant and then I took an auto and went to visit another palace nearby(whose name I've forgotten as usual, but it's  the shooting spot of some quasi-famous Bollywood movie) and I could write another blog about the weird auto driver who took me there and his family (a woman who is probably his wife but he claimed her to be his sister @@!!).

However I came back to Murud beach by 1 and I took another round of sea bathing and went to the bus stop only to discover that i didn't have enough money to pay for my tour back to Pune! so I went to Alibag instead ... 


But this blog is already SUPER  long and I think for 2day I've tortured you enough! I'd be back soon with my next blog where I'd write about the phase 2 of my madcap week-end and upload some photos as well. Till then au-revoir ! 

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