Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new day has come

Tuesday , 29th Dec; 08:29 am 

 Location :  Bengaluru , Karnataka: Temperature :- 22*C, Weather :- Misty and Cloudy

Location : Howrah , WB ; Temperature :- 8*C, Weather :- Clear Sky , No forecast of cloud 

Additional Information :- 

Weight of the Sample:- 59.5 Kg
Total Consumption of Food Since yesterday :- Exorbitant amount of brown bread, butter, milk , jam, boiled egg, tea, coffee , Poha, Corn Flakes and nariel paani .

Status of Operation Dieting :- Super Failure.

Pocket news :- d word DEBT DEBT DEBT is vibrating so franticly that it could stop any normal human being's lub dub ...  

Pocket Forecast:- More exposure to DEBT as the sample is scheduled to watch 3 idiots 2morrow (I wonder why is she spending Rs 150 on a  stupid movie instead of staying @ room and gazing at the biggest idiot of them all in the mirror !!!

All these grave facts are gloomy enough to drive any normal person insane if the aforementioned sample was the normal person herself. But we're dealing with the most insane human on world(or may be a na'bi impersonating a human , sometimes the way she falls asleep so often and so easily, evokes the scepticism of that ) and thus the rules of normalcy doesn't apply on her.

Yah . I am talking about myself . I don't know why but i am feeling very happy from the inception of this neophyte day. The damp weather has failed to affect the flame of excitement inside me and even the horrible practical joke that we've OR test today left me completely unperturbed. Funny that i am writing 2 blogs on 2 consecutive days. I know i never keep my own promises to myself,BUT I'd try and write  at least my dietary diary here in a kind of "Bridget Jones goes LIVE" way. At least the same of admitting all those gory sins will resolve me from accumulating extra bulges or so I think and hope !!!

Slight deviation, I finished reading the twilight saga yesterday. Well not exactly , I was so bored while reading the last book ie "breaking dawn" that I had to skip a few( nearly 300) pages and read the concluding chapter. This woman Stephanie Meyer is the goddess of teen age psychology . The saga depicts the ultimate girl fantasies ... wanna know how? check out these insights.

*Bella has the two most perfect lovers of the world ... One Edward whose age was forever frozen at 17, is , actually 150 years old. Is Bella the modern day Electra? You decide . Another, Jacob, is the ultimate wild guy with whom Bella happened to have a brief encounter for about an year or so when Edward came back to reclaim his position with the latest model of missile proof Mercedes!!

*Bella's pregnancy lasted only for a month and just a minute after the delivery she was turned into a beautiful vampire(ie no post pregnancy trauma or cellulite) who had all the pros of vampire life ie eternal life, breathtaking beauty and inhuman(ofcourse, she's a vampire r8?!) strength and indestructible skin minus the (only) con ie thirst for human blood.

*A mediocre girl throughout her life suddenly turns into a super achiever , a "one of a kind" in her vampire life.

*Age forever frozen  at 18 (as she was transformed 3 days prior to her birthday) .. Remember Bryan Adams ?

So, in the end Ms Rowling and Ms Meyer are merely wwwwwonderful market researcher and nowhere near my ultimate hero of phantasmagoric world - J R R Tolkien . His creation is the "One BOOK to rule them all, One BOOK to find them,One BOOK to bring them all and in the darkness bind them"

But for one single reason I Can empathise with the vampire world created by Ms Meyer . Their thirst for blood and their struggle to put a rein on it reminds me of my carb craving ... Ohhh...why don't a have super restraint power like Bella??!! 

The class is about to start so I must go now but I'd soon be back with my Hoganikkal Stories and  the SUCCESS stories (and for that I need your ardent praying ) of avoiding the carb craving and follwing the diet!!!

PS:- the sun is peeping out of the blanket of clouds ... Hope it'll wake up soon!

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prettypriya said...

Nice one dudette!
So the saga continues..n u decide to go watch urself on the big screen(1 of the 3 idiots!)...not to mention u get to binge on some more carbs!!Yahoo!