Friday, November 6, 2009

Love, Life and a lot of other things

It feels nice to see the young lovers... Many of them are not exactly young but with your heart on fire and head as light as a white feather floating in the vast sapphire firmament, even the senile centenarian turns adolescent. In fact when it comes to love, I think the older you are the better you become. Not because you've learnt a lot from ur previous brief encounters(time flies when you're in love, so the encounters are always brief) with this most wonderful, most crazy, most excruciating and most assuaging and the most enlightening emotion you can ever feel.. Cause, the enlightenment you get from it , is transitory. Love is the most powerful drug of this world. You can remember that you had a good time while having it but you can't remember anything about it when it's over except the side effects namely, taste of your own tears, a vast blankness which makes you feel that the pressure out side is so low that your blood might explode from your veins. And worst part of it?> you can never talk about it,,, explaining these things can be so difficult. So, the only panacea for you is to take that drug again. And every time you take it, u become more and more nonchalant regarding it's mode of action,,, you just want to enjoy the effect rather than analysing the cause behind it.

I will write more about the life and a lot of other things part of this blog in the coming editions,,,till then so long.

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