Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Untax the Syntax please !

 My relatives are nowadays using mostly three adjectives to describe my current state. Unemployed, jobless and worthless (Bekar) .  The reason behind their suddenly evoked interest in me is because of the fact that I am not paying tax to the honorable govt of India. I am not trying to emulate the venerable director of my B-School and be an expert in  the art of tax evasion . It’s not that I don’t pay tax, actually , I don’t need to pay tax cause I don’t earn a penny.

Anyway, back to my relatives and the adjectives mentioned hitherto. While blatantly using any of these three words in any sentences aiming to reprimand me, what my folks seem to miss is the subtle difference between these apparent synonymous words. Their conjecture is that they would no longer need to use any of these decorative eulogies the moment I dive into the cesspool of a nine to five (whom am I kidding? It’s actually 8am- 11pm) ‘JOB’. But just because you’re in someone’s payroll doesn't mean that you’d cease to become the moron you were prior to wearing the feather crown of  8.5 per annum . So, if someone is worthless now , she’d continue to remain so even after getting a job. rather a moderately gifted individual can develop the contagious corporate brain rust within 2 months into her  first job. Whether it’ll affect her or not will depend on how many grey cells are left unaffected even after the two years of oxidative and corrosive MBA environment.   Coming to the second adjective, Joblessness of the so called jobs are a worldly accepted fact and something which I encountered first hand during my internship stint. The most common job one requires to do religiously is something which could be best learnt in ‘Ustad Massage Institute’ and not in a ‘B-school’!

So, I am worthless, jobless and unemployed. But I have this grave hunch that the first two behavioural conditions will continue to remain unaltered even when I am employed ! 


Ishan Sanyal said...

For those who want to listen, words(including adjectives) provide the diction of the truth, and the truth is, the usage of adjectives like "worthless" with reference to you is morally reprehensible itself. So you shall hold it as a votive (not in vain), for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous!
cheerio :-)

Moonstruck said...'s a nice movie :)