Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I was thinking...thinking really hard..thinking about myself...who am I? what purpose am i serving by being alive..well, these self introspecting thought came after I read the sample interview questions for various b'schools...and questions like "where do you want to see yourself in 15years from now" left be baffled..I wonder why are these guys so "hyper" about their life...why can't they just follow the golden "carpe diem" rule and quit worrying about future...I mean really friends, never try to envisage on these quentions. If try really hard then after some times you'll find youlself as a complete emotionless person,I mean all your thoughts will form a labyrithine and you'll feel'll hearth will be completely blank..without any sense what so ever...I felt it this afternoon and GWAD ! IT SURELY WAS SCARY!thank heavens I watched at a wonderful sunset which put me at the right track...why worry abt 2morrow when I have so much 2 do much to feel , to love to express to admire ,to taste, to smell!!!so guys...CARPE DIEM-seige d day

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